Howdy! Well again it’s been a long time since I last wrote on my blog, but I’ve been busy, busy, busy! Not busy enough to account for the huge delay in posts, but pretty busy none the less.

This week I went to the Affiliate Summit down in Vegas and it was my first real experience of meeting other affiliates and networks in person. It was a ton of fun that I wish I had documented with photos, however I was having so much fun on the first night that I lost my camera.

The affiliate summit itself was very interesting, there was a lot of networks vying for affiliates time, telling us how good their offers are and how good their affiliate managers are. There are a few networks who I am going to start working with after meeting them and talking about offers and payouts, because that is the bottom line for me as an affiliate marketer.

Also I wanted to make note that I have made my original goal, so that great journey has ended. I want to start posting more about affiliate marketing tips, and other industry news now. I think that will make for a much more interesting blog.

Don’t hold your breath though, because I still have to get through this semester before I can really start posting regularly.